This page provides links to documents that I have found useful, interesting, helpful, or important in my work and thinking in one way or another.  I’ll only report documents that are in the public domain and were found online in order to try to stay on the correct side of copyright concerns.

Paul Bracken, “Net Assessment: A Practical Guide,” Parameters, Vol. 36, Spring 2006, pp. 90-100

Eliot A. Cohen, Net Assessment: An American Approach, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies Memorandum no. 29 (Tel Aviv: Israel, JCSS, April 1990)

Carl W. Hunt, Transforming Intelligence: Improving Inference through Advanced Simulations (Washington, DC: National War College, 2003)

Ithiel de Sola Pool, and others, Social Science Research and National Security (Washington, DC.: Smithsonian Institution, March 5, 1963)